AI for Marketing Course

Discover the power of artificial intelligence for marketing!

Looking for an innovative training programme to provide 12 hours of support to businesses?

At the end of 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools really landed in a big way!

AI is changing the landscape of marketing, and we want to make sure your businesses are ahead of the curve. This course is designed for business owners who want to learn how to use AI in their marketing strategy – so they can save time and create quality, professionally written pieces and unique images.

Businesses are unsure how to use these tools, or even if they should at all, for fear of plagiarism and a lack of knowledge of how to use them, and get the best from them. (The quality of the input greatly affects the quality of the output.)

Using AI tools for marketing provides an opportunity to significantly save on marketing hours, creates plagiarism free content and produces professional marketing pieces that only require a little editing! 

We take course participants on a journey on how to effectively use artificial intelligence tools to get the best results possible at each stage of the marketing journey and for all marketing platforms!

With AI for Marketing, participants will get all the tools and resources they need to succeed. They’ll learn from experts in the field who will show you how to use AI to improve their marketing content, no matter if it’s written, video, a podcast or an image – and see real results.

To learn more about this course, and how it can support you to achieve your business support objectives, contact us today.

This AI for Marketing course includes:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what are the benefits of using AI tools for Marketing
  • The easiest AI tools to use for Marketing
  • How to accelerate your Social Media Marketing performance with AI copywriting and Image Creation tools
  • How to use AI to create Highly Compelling Sales Webpages and Pitches
  • How to use AI to improve your Search Engine Optimisation on your website
  • How to create highly compelling Email Newsletters and Email Marketing pieces using AI
  • How to create optimised blogs, blog titles and news articles using AI
  • The myriad of ways that you can use AI to super power your video marketing, no matter the platform!
  • How to use AI to create compelling podcast titles and questions/scripts for great podcast episodes
  • From: £2000.00 + VAT
This course is delivered entirely online in a series of webinars, a recording will be sent to each participant so that they can access it at a later date if needed, and the price quoted includes up to 20 participants.



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Seb Coombes
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Clients say about us

I worked very closely with Caroline and the team at The Social Accelerators for a number of years as a vital partner to the Low Carbon Business programme. Caroline is extremely professional and well researched. She is also very approachable, friendly and a fantastic networker!

Caroline presented marketing workshops for the programme which always sold out. We had queues of business owners demanding that Caroline return to provide her insight.
I still recommend Caroline years after having worked with her!

Seb CoombesBusiness Growth Director @ CEME, a Green Tech Business Centre in East London
Janis Pittis
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Clients say about us

Caroline provided training for me and my team on using LinkedIn for business development and it was a revelation. Caroline comfortably combines a high degree of knowledge with an approachable, supportive style. We all left the session much wiser and confident on how we can extract much better value from LinkedIn to support our business development. Thanks Caroline!

Janis PittisDirector - Research & Enterprise - University of Essex
Sarah Cottrell
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Clients say about us

The training that was provided by Caroline was one of the best programmes I have undertaken. Our session was informative, interesting and we were able to practise ” live” actions from what we had learnt, it was great.

Sarah CottrellEmployer Engagement - Apprenticeships, Work Based Learning, Training and Funding
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