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Creative Social Media Campaigns to engage!

Most local authorities, LEPs and CICs already have a social media presence; some are updated regularly and already attract high engagement, and some not so much. Some are run by the comms team, and some run by team members in relevant departments. Some posts are suitable for hard to reach audiences, and some are not. Some posts are challenging to act on by those who are not so tech savvy, and some are not. Some have profiles on every social media platform, including the latest TikTok, and some just have one profile (on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter)

There’s a multitude of things that make a social media post compelling and make the reader want to take action.
Knowing how to make your posts stand out when people are scrolling is a fine art!

Then creating compelling messages that make people want to take action or engage is another challenge.
Finally the algorithm on ALL the social media platforms only shows your posts to your most engaged followers meaning that not everyone on your profile/page sees what you post.

It’s frustrating isn’t it?

Especially when you want to tell your followers about a new programme of support or an event that will benefit them, and invite them to participate.

I bet that you’re also wondering what happens if you don’t have many followers, or the followers that you do have aren’t the right audience for your programme or event or support?
That’s where paid social adverts help you achieve your objectives!! (And they may be much cheaper to run than you imagine!)

We create highly engaging social media paid advert campaigns to achieve your objectives!

Whether that be signing up to an event, visiting a web page to learn more about a programme of support, applying for a job, seeking an apprenticeship, joining a workshop, coming along or calling for a chat to determine if they are a good fit, our methods work to attract both individuals or businesses.

Schedule a chat now to go over what you want to promote, the audience you want to participate and the budget that you have available, and we will give you a realistic outline of what you can achieve, and how we can support you!

Social Media Campaigns
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Our social media campaigns process

Social Media campaigns are much more than just putting up a post on Facebook (or any other social media platform) and hoping for the best! We have a 12 part process that we follow to get the very best results for you.

Set objectives and agree budgets
Determine key messaging
Determine audience
Determine platform and placement
Determine ultimate destination we want people to visits
Identify strong call to action
Identify hashtags
Create compelling content to deliver on objectives suitable for the platform

(Inc copy, video or images)

Run campaign
Tweak campaign for optimum delivery
Weekly reporting
Final campaign report
Want to learn how we can use that process for your programme/event/support, and what that will cost?

If you don’t have the budget for paid social advertising, but want to use social media we can help you create a strategy that works for you! Find out more:

Limited budget, and no room for paid advertising? Why not check out our training options so that someone in your team can run your social media campaigns for you! Find out more!

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Caroline. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the incredible job you are doing around delivery of the social media marketing campaign for the Essex Opportunities Portal. Every week I am amazed by the stats and the impact you are having in terms of generating traffic to the Portal. Thank you very much indeed.

Fiona MarriageCommissioner for Skills Development - Essex County Council
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