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To get people to take action

One of the biggest challenges when creating digital marketing campaigns is to make the content as compelling as possible, so that people want to engage with your programme/support or to attend your event.
We can help you create compelling content for the following:

  • Web pages promoting your programme or event
  • Themed blogs or articles to add to your website that can be shared on social media to attract the right people to your programme, along with a call to action to sign up.
  • Thank you page content once people have signed up or sent an enquiry, to let them know what the next steps are, and how to prepare for the next step
  • Short, simple explainer videos to describe the benefits of the programmes, a call to action and next steps (please note that we use stock video for this, and will not need to come and film)

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Other services
Getting your programme/support/event found in Google

The quickest way to start attracting prospects for your programme or event is using social media, however, if it’s a regular event OR a support programme that lasts more than a year, we strongly recommend that you optimise your web pages to get found in Google (and other search engines) by the people/businesses that you want to support.

We’ll identify the keywords that people would be using in search engines to find the help and support that fits with your programme, and then create a plan for your web pages so that they rank well for those searches.

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Making the online user journey as easy as possible

Not everyone is tech savvy! But that shouldn’t exclude them from participating in your programme or event. If they are able to search on Google (or other search platforms) or use social media, they will be able to find your web page!

That web page should be as easy to use as possible, with them being able to find the information that they need really quickly, have it explained to them simply (including videos) and make it super easy for them to take the first step to engage in the support on offer or to sign up for the programme or event.

Schedule a chat to analyse your existing programme pages or to talk about who you want to support, and what we can do to help ensure their online user journey is as easy as possible.

Peter Wognum
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Clients say about us

Caroline has helped the Low Carbon Business Programme at a number of levels, from helping to refine our message and deliverables through to the language and mode of communication to the target audience.

Caroline does the necessary background research to ensure every discussion is fruitful and she presents her thoughts and recommendations in a clear, cooperative and inclusive fashion; she always feels part of OUR team – not just one of the many contractors to the Programme.

If you need to define or refine your message and want to ensure you achieve optimal penetration into your target sector, you really do need to call Caroline!

Peter WognumProgramme Manager - ERDF - Low Carbon Business
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