Does your business support programme offer matched funding or grants to help businesses grow or reduce their carbon footprint?

It can be challenging engaging businesses, and more so in this era where businesses are still dealing with Post Brexit changes, along with the impact of Covid and various lockdowns.

Often the support you have available can help businesses with those challenges, but they are often too busy to listen.

Maybe you’re already promoting your programme through networking groups, through stakeholders such as the Chambers of Commerce, FSB and Institute of Directors, but there’s a whole lot of businesses that still need support, and don’t engage in any networking or with business organisations.

So, how do you attract the attention of those businesses?

Social Media can provide a great way to do that, but businesses need to see various information before it ‘sticks in their mind’ on social media, so you need to create content that answers the questions that they are already seeking.

Getting your programme found in search engines for the searches that those businesses are making can also make a massive difference.

Creating content for your website, whether that be a new page, a blog or a news article, and optimising that content well, will not only attract new visitors to your programme website, but will give you content to share on your social media channels too.

But what are these businesses searching for in Google (and other search engines)?

We’ve done the research, take a look at the questions and phrases that businesses are entering into search engines, and create content that answers that!

  • How to get a business start up grant?
  • How do small business grants work?
  • What does match funded grant mean?
  • How to get a business grant?
  • Are small business grants taxable?
  • How to get a business grant?
  • What type of business grants are available?
  • What business grants are available coronavirus?
  • What business grants do I qualify for?
  • What business grants can I apply for?
  • What can small business grants be used for?
  • How to get free small business grants?
  • How to qualify for business grant?
  • Are business grants free?
  • Business grants for start ups
  • Business grants for women
  • Business grants for small businesses
  • Business grants without premises
  • How many small business grants can I apply for?
  • Business grants for electric vehicles
  • Business grants for solar panels
  • Business grants for electric charging points
  • Business start up grants near me
  • How to get a small business grant or loan
  • Business grants and support
  • Business grants and funding
  • Business grants and programmes
  • Business grants available now
  • Business grants government
  • Business grants jobsaver
  • Business grants for new business
  • Business grants to start a business
  • Business grants for young entrepreneurs
  • How do businesses get funding?
  • How to use business funding?
  • Where do I get funding for my business?
  • Where can I get funding for my small business?
  • Where to get start up business funding?
  • Where to apply for business funding?
  • Business funding for training staff?
  • Business funding for start ups
  • Business funding for new businesses
  • Business funding near me
  • Business funding and support
  • What is a business support grant?
  • Business funding advice

The above search terms give you lots of insights into what businesses want answers to. Creating content for this and adding it to your programme website can attract a lot more traffic to your site if it’s well optimised, and sharing that content on social media shows that you understand what businesses want and are looking for, which builds trust and means that they are more likely to engage in your programme.

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