With furlough soon ending, there will be lots of Google searches over the coming month or so, as people will want to understand what’s next for them.

Of course, there is every possibility that they can return to the work from which they were furloughed, but the harsh reality is that there will be redundancies made, and people will be looking for answers as to what their options are, what support is available, and looking for new jobs.

This is the perfect opportunity to create content for your Skills and Employment portal, to answer the questions that people are asking regarding Furlough and Redundancy, and to signpost them to relevant pages or searches on your portal.

This doesn’t only provide good quality information to your portal visitors, but it attracts traffic to your portal (via search engines such as Google)W, where people read the content that you’ve created, and then browse for support, or job/training opportunities. It also gives you content to share on your social media platforms, content that is HIGHLY SHAREABLE as so many people will want to know what’s next.

From extensive research, here’s the questions that people are already searching for in Google that you can answer on your portal, along with signposting them to help and support available, and to the opportunities search function within your Skills and Employment portal:

  • When will furlough end?
  • What’s next after furlough?
  • Will furlough be extended after September?
  • Furlough, can you get another job?
  • Furlough, can I work elsewhere?
  • Furlough is making me depressed, what can I do?
  • Furlough versus redundancy
  • Furlough versus unemployment
  • Furlough or redundancy
  • Furlough end date 2021
  • Furlough guidance
  • Furlough jobs
  • Furlough notice period
  • Furlough can you get unemployment?
  • What redundancy payment am I entitled to?
  • What redundancy notice am I entitled to?
  • Who pays redundancy when employer cannot?
  • How redundancy works uk
  • Will redundancy pay affect universal credit?
  • Redundancy with furlough
  • Redundancy with COVID
  • Redundancy with no notice
  • Redundancy to self-employed
  • Redundancy similar role
  • What is redundancy like?
  • Redundancy advice
  • Redundancy job seekers allowance
  • Redundancy over 60 years old
  • Redundancy over 40
  • Redundancy questions to ask
  • Redundancy suitable alternative employment
  • Redundancy timeline
  • How soon can you retire after redundancy?
  • When to claim JSA after redundancy?
  • Who pays redundancy after furlough?
  • Can you be reemployed after redundancy?
  • Can’t find job after redundancy
  • What to do after redundancy in your fifties?
  • What to do after redundancy?
  • What should I do after redundancy?
  • What next after redundancy?
  • Does furlough affect redundancy?
  • What after redundancy?
  • After redundancy what can I claim?
  • Can you be made redundant after being put on furlough?
  • Reemployment after redundancy for furlough
  • Redundancy after a year
  • Redundancy after COVID
  • Redundancy after furlough
  • Help after redundancy
  • Job Centre after redundancy
  • Redundancy after lockdown
  • Redundancy after furlough rules
  • How to survive redundancy
  • Redundancy tips for employees
  • Redundancy interview tips

Now you’ve got far more insight into what people are searching for within Google and other search engines relating to Redundancy and Furlough, it will give you ideas on what content to create to support them and to signpost them. Ensure that you add job search options to all of your content relating to redundancy and furlough.

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