How to hide your LinkedIn Connections so that your contacts don’t harvest them! Have you ever noticed that the more shall we say “pushy” of your contacts seem to connect to everyone that you know? Whilst we know that LinkedIn is great for lead generation and business development, there is the RIGHT way to do it, and the WRONG way to do it. The right way is to connect to your target audience directly, with a personalised message, letting them know why you’d like to connect, and asking a question to open a conversation. The wrong way is to connect by spamming straight away, and selling your products and services. If you employ that technique, you’re more likely to alienate people. We recommend to all of our clients to hide their LinkedIn connections, that means that their connections will only know who they are connected to if their connection is also connected. We want our clients to protect their hard work, and not to give away their client database to their competitors or “pushy” connections. Here’s how to hide your LinkedIn connections:

  • Click on settings
  • You may need to enter your password
  • Click on select who can see your connections
  • LinkedIn-connections-2-300x185
  • Click on drop down box and change to only you
  • Click on save changes
You will now have hidden your connections to everyone. Your connections will now only see that you are connected to someone that they are connected to.
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