As we know, time is running out for the Kickstart Scheme and you may still have plenty of Kickstart placements available in your area, but not enough people to fill the placements.

Whilst we know that you can’t always promote specific Kickstart placement opportunities to young people, we DO know that there’s a way to ensure that those young people that qualify for the Kickstart Scheme reach out and ask for support to find placements.

We’ve been helping LEPs and Local Councils tackle this in 2 ways through social media advertising:

1) By targeting young people within council or LEP coverage, with broad messaging (as the targeting available on Facebook and Instagram won’t tell us if they’re claiming universal credit) highlighting that if they know someone aged 16-24 and claiming Universal Credit, that there’s the opportunity to gain work experience whilst getting paid on the Kickstart Scheme, and directing them to information on their skills portal or council/LEP website.

2) By targeting parents of 18-24 year olds, with broad messaging around supporting the young person in their life who is claiming Universal Credit by showing them what the Kickstart Scheme offers, and how they can seek support or a placement, again directing them to information on their skills portal or council/LEP website.

We take the 2 angle approach, as young people are influenced by their peers, and some, due to digital poverty may not have social media accounts, however, it’s likely that their friends do!

Parents are also key influencers of young people, and may not be aware of the Kickstart Scheme, so running ads to the parents can be equally if not more powerful than targeting the young people themselves.

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