When using LinkedIn for marketing, it pays to understand which day of the week has the highest LinkedIn traffic, so that if you are short of time, you know which day to focus your efforts, post your content, and to join or start discussions in groups.

Whilst each sector will have different trends, and of course, as LinkedIn provides a means of marketing to international prospects, it will not be the same globally, but if you are based in the UK, and you have a UK target market, the best day to be active is a Tuesday.

Social media marketing works best when it’s done little and often. The reason is that most of it is around conversations, whether they be via private messaging facility, comments on status updates, answers to questions posted or discussions in groups, so if you leave it a week between answering, things go cold, or worse still, stop, and it’s hard to pick up a conversation after a week.

Status updates provide an excellent way of reminding your connections what you do, discussions in groups help you to build relationships, raise your profile and establish credibility, providing answers to questions demonstrates your expertise, so it makes sense to use some of these ways of marketing your business on LinkedIn on a Tuesday as it will increase the levels of engagement, and get seen by the widest possible audience.

Once you share content and posts and start discussions early in the week, be sure to check back again before the weekend (Thursday is another popular day) and then again at the end of the weekend (Sunday evening is the busiest time) to ensure that your answers are timely, and that you do not miss out on any opportunities.

If you want to reach an international target market, the list below shows the busiest day on LinkedIn in each country over the last 90 days: USA – Tuesday Canada – Wednesday Brazil – Tuesday Australia – Thursday New Zealand – Tuesday Ireland – Wednesday Sweden – Monday Norway – Tuesday Finland – Thursday Poland – Tuesday Germany – Tuesday Netherlands – Tuesday Denmark – Monday Spain – Wednesday Italy – Wednesday France – Tuesday UAE – Monday India- Wednesday Singapore – Tuesday Japan – Wednesday

Plan your content that you are going to share wisely, and be careful about auto-scheduling too far in advance, as you should test and measure the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing at least monthly, to determine which content was viewed the most or engaged with the most, and on which days, so that you can get as much impact as possible. Different content will appeal to different international markets, so if you are looking for a target market outside of the UK, it’s not just important to post your ideas, blogs, discussions and answers on a busy day, it’s also important to get the content that engages that particular international market (taking into account cultural differences, priorities and desired outcomes for your target market), so one size does not fit all when international marketing.

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