The idea of using social media is to maximise your engagement with your audience and to reach new target audiences.

Whether you’re on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn,  Pinterest or any other media platform, you want to encourage deeper relationships so if someone ever has the need for your products or services, you are at the forefront of their minds.

How can I boost my social media engagement?

  • Add a personal touch to your Facebook page by putting a face to a name; you can do this with the use of your photo albums or simply introduce a new member of staff in a post. The advantage of doing this is that your clientele know who they are talking to and it humanises your brand.
  • This also works with Twitter; you could now take it one step further by video recording responses to tweets from your audience. This is easy to do and is an effective way to encourage your audience to connect and share you. Remember to be part of people’s conversations and give your responses some personality with a little humour.
  • On Linkedin use company pages and groups. Join in discussions and answer questions to get more visibility for you and your company. You may even set yourself out as an industry leader.
  • Utilise your Pinterest business pages by collaborating with other users to give your board a personal feel. Add and invite people to pin images to the shared board to again create a community and interact with your followers.
  • Another visual way of getting people involved with your business is Instagram. You can share the images across Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to name but a few. If you get the hash tag right you can find plenty of images you can share that feature your users.

These are just a few ways that you can engage and interact with your target audience. As with most social media activity, if you are consistent and undertake activity little and often, you will start to see results.  Give it a go see how you can make it work for you and let us know how you get on.