With remote work now a firm option for many employees all over the world, a reduction in the traditional office portfolio of many larger businesses, and a repurposing of buildings to be used as coworking spaces, it’s tough to stand out online if you’ve got coworking spaces to offer!

There’s plenty of opportunities to attract remote workers and digital nomads, but how can you make sure that your coworking space is found online, and is appealing enough to attract people into your spaces?

Firstly, you need to make sure that your coworking space can be found on Google maps, as often people are seeking a space in a specific location. Be sure to add the website about your coworking space to Google maps, and also plenty of current photos!

I’m a remote worker myself (and have been since 2014, so I’ve used a LOT of coworking spaces in my time). In these times, I want to see that there’s the possibility of meeting new people, but whilst being able to maintain distance. I want to know that there’s decent ventilation. These are new requirements in addition to great internet speeds, an area to make private client calls if I need to, and of course, great coffee, so ensure that your images on Google maps reflect ALL of the things that you potential users are looking for!

Next, you need to ensure that you have a social media presence, and that you’re posting regularly any updates that might affect visitors to your space, along with sharing photos and other community info/images. Be sure to ask your visitors for reviews on your social profiles (and Google map listing). You could try joining groups in your local area related to remote workers and to digital nomads, as you’ll see many people asking for coworking recommendations in those groups!

Finally, you need to ensure the content on the website for your coworking space is compelling, lays out pricing clearly, and displays ALL of the benefits of your coworking space, along with attractive images of the benefits, and showing people actually working there (with their permission of course!). Stock images for coworking sites are a turn off, use genuine photos of your space, and genuine photos of users (if they permit that), ensure that people can see that social distancing is being maintained.

Many people will be new to using coworking spaces and may not understand how it works, so here’s the most popular and recent questions that they are seeking on Google (and other search engines) relating to coworking to help you create the content (or blogs) for your coworking space, so that it A) helps prospective users B) helps your coworking site get found in search engines, and C) gives you content to share on your social media platforms

  • Are coworking spaces safe right now covid?
  • What do coworking spaces offer?
  • How does coworking work?
  • Are cowoking spaces worth it?
  • Why is coworking better?
  • Why coworking is important?
  • Can I deduct coworking?
  • Is coworking tax deductible?
  • Why use coworking spaces?
  • Coworking space near me
  • Who uses coworking spaces?
  • Is it noisy at coworking space?
  • Coworking for a day
  • Coworking for startups
  • Coworking for creatives
  • Coworking space near me day pass
  • Coworking spaces to rent
  • Coworking with childcare
  • Coworking with gym
  • Coworking versus work from home?
  • Coworking v home office?
  • Coworking and coliving spaces
  • Coworking and covid
  • Coworking cafe
  • Coworking desk near me
  • Coworking free trial (important, it can be too noisy to work in some environments, providing a free trial is a great way for someone to discover if your space fits their needs!)
  • Coworking kitchen
  • Coworking nomads
  • Coworking offices near me
  • Coworking retreat
  • Coworking table
  • Hotdesking near me
  • Coworking, what is it and how does it work?

If you have a blog on your coworking site, be sure to include the above as blog titles, and create compelling meta descriptions for each blog!

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