Facebook page to go a little crazy and like every other page that you come across, and to tell the world about ALL of your great offers in one hit, but that’s not the wisest thing to do. Have you checked our your Facebook page insights lately? Are you finding that you have fewer post views lately, but still sending out the same amount of updates? This could be down to a number of things, however, the biggest reason for fewer post views when folks have gotten a bit over excited with Facebook is that their posts have become “hidden”. Go check your own page now, and take a look at the hidden posts tab. Is anyone hiding from you in there? Hidden-post-screen-shot-177x300 Is there anyone hiding in hidden posts? Posts appear in hidden posts tab if they have either been marked as spam by someone, or if they have posted the same message in quick succession on a number of walls. Social media marketing is all about engagement, so if you write the same thing on each page that you visit, Facebook will view that as spamming, and will naturally hide your posts. Here’s some ways to avoid that happening:

  • Change the message each time that you post on a wall. If responding to someone who has already visited your page in their personal name, return to their page and thank them by name.
  • Make a comment that is specific to the page that you are visiting – if it’s a page about logo designs for example, take a look at their photo albums, and comment on a particular design that you like. A message that says “great page” has no thought behind it, and shows that you’ve likely copied and pasted from a previous comment.
  • Restrict the number of pages that you post on per day – if you have a big list that you want to get through, do about 10-15 per day, rather than all in on day.
When posting updates on Facebook, try to stagger them throughout the day. If you’ve created a whole new collection that you want to show everyone, do not do it all in one go, as you will dominate the news feed of your followers. You may think that’s a great thing, but for the person whose news feed is now full of your posts, it can become overwhelming, and they may choose to hide all of your posts, meaning that any message that you post will now be hidden from that person’s news feed, and you’ve lost the opportunity to communicate with them. The key to social media marketing is little and often – get carried away at your peril, as all your hard work will become hidden. Caroline Thomas will help you to increase sales by providing sales solutions and marketing strategies (including social media) to SME businesses in Essex, Kent and Herts – to find out more or to book an appointment, please call 0844 556 5116 or email [email protected] – Caroline is also easily found on Twitter and FacebookCaroline on Google +  ]]>