optimise your LinkedIn profile so that when people visit your profile, you tell them exactly what it is that you do (features), and can achieve for them (benefits), as you only get 3-5 seconds before they navigate away from your page. Linkedin is a great tool for those seeking new job opportunities,  for those who want to market their business/cause and those who want to develop their business through lead generation. Networking is one of the most successful ways to develop relationships, as it stands to reason that people do business or hire people that they know, like and trust. Online networking provides a great way of accessing your target market (or target employers) and engaging with them, so that you can get to arrange that face to face meeting (or video conference) that provides the best return. Follow these steps to start to optimise your LinkedIn profile:

  • Add a photograph. People are more likely to remember a face than a name, so if your name and photo appears in the “people you may know” lists, they will connect with you if they recognise you
  • Make sure your photograph is current. You have all seen photos that are out of date, or have been photoshopped, but let’s face it, if you want to do business with someone, or you want a job, then you will need to meet them, so make sure your photo is current and clear, so that you are instantly recognisable offline to your target market. There are businesses now that specialise in LinkedIn profile pictures to help you present the right look.
  • If you are a business owner, don’t get hung up on your job title for your headline, instead make it clear what services your business provides.
  • If you are a job seeker, make sure that your current job title IS reflected in your headline.
  • Be sure to add as many past positions as possible, don’t pick and choose. If you have gaps in your experience, people will question what you have done in that time.
  • Ask for recommendations, and when published, drag the recommendations field up under your summary, so that it’s the 3rd thing people see after your headline, and summary.
  • Make sure you get your keywords for your business into your headline and summary.
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