vital to the success of your social media marketing campaign. If your customers comment back to your updates it gives a friendly impression of your company, and is an easy way to get to know your clients and prospects. The more you know your clients and prospects, the better able you are to share content that helps them, or piques their interest, and the more likely you can show them how your products or services are beneficial to them. So how do you get them to comment, “like”, reply or retweet and which types of post work best for engagement? Pictures are one of the most popular types of posts. Everyone likes pictures, especially if they make them think or make them smile. However make sure they are related to your target market and what your business actually does. Try to find funny ones as they tend to generate more response. Also try to post something along with the picture to support it, for example, you may tag the picture, as if it gets shared, it at least will direct people back to your page on Facebook. Using pictures gets more people interacting with your page, meaning that you will get a better reach/engagement on other types of posts on Facebook. It’s also useful to add a picture to really important information such as an offer or something that you want your audience to remember. Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation!  Ask a relevant business question or maybe you could turn current news into a question that relates to your business. Ask a question that will get your customers thinking about your company or what services you offer, but ensure that the focus is on THEM not you. People read content based on “what’s in it for me?” so make sure you think about that when posting. For example, if you sell products, and you want to show them the latest design/version, put yourself in the shoes of your audience. What problems do they have when buying your product normally? How easy is it to buy normally? How can you make it easier for your prospects to choose you, but without “selling” to them? Facts and articles are a useful type of post as people will learn something new about your industry. This may also generate discussion as the clients may discover things they didn’t know and ask for more information. Articles and news stories may lead to them sharing opinions or shares. If you’re not blogging, I would encourage you to consider starting a blog. They are free to set up. Blogs written by you, when shared via social media, are a great way of attracting new customers/prospects that you might not capture otherwise. Make your posts fun as people will engage with them more. Try to think of new ideas and where possible, be original. Find out what your target market likes, this will be easier for some businesses than others. Try to incorporate this into your posts. Also make sure to post regularly to keep your customers interested and vary posts so they don’t get bored. Regularly reply to comments that open a window for conversation and start to engage in a friendly conversation which will help to build relationships with your customers. If you’re having trouble getting started with what to say on social media, consider creating a content strategy. We can help you get on the right track with our content strategy plans for your business, to find out more, please contact us: Tel: 01375 659209 Email: [email protected] Facebook:Sales Scene Twitter: @salesscene LinkedIn: Sales Scene]]>