facebook services tab Facebook now give you the ability to advertise your services directly on the front page. We have checked out other pages to see if it is only available for companies that have a business address and telephone number. However, it seems to be a bit of a mixed bag. We have seen pages without address details that has the services tab and, vice versa, pages showing all of their information don’t seem to have it. We’re guessing it will be rolled out to everyone in due course. We will keep an eye on this and update you when we know. How to set up your services tab on your Facebook page If you have the services tab in your menu bar click it and you will see the following   Facebook Services Tab   Click the “add a service” button and fill in the blanks   Facebook Services Tab   Quick Tip – At the time of writing this blog you are unable to move or reorder the services once they are written. You can only add or delete a new service. If you offer more than 3 services, choose the three you want to appear on the front of your Facebook page and add those last.  We learned the hard way and didn’t do that on our first attempt. If you have suitable pictures, click on the “add photos” box and you should see this.   Facebook Services Tab   Upload your photo and it will appear next to the description of your service. If you want to add another service, just repeat all the above.  Once you are happy all of your services have been added slide the button on the left hand side from left to right so it goes blue.   Facebook Services Tab   Now click the timeline tab and it will take you back to your business page timeline. You should see three of your services appear at the top of your page underneath the menu bar. Ours looks like this:   Facebook Services Tab   If customers want to see all of your services, they can click “see all” in the top right of the above image. If you have people interacting with your posts they probably won’t see it unless they actually visit your page. However, if someone is searching for a service you provide and they come across your Facebook page it will be helpful to them as they can see what you do as soon as they get there.

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