The Little Book of Inspiration” as I know that attitude and belief really do make the difference to performance outcomes. Steve and Roger have collaborated with Humphrey Walters who not only ran a successful management training business for 25 years, but also took part in the world’s toughest round the world yacht race! They are a winning team to inspire you and get you thinking about what you can really achieve in business when you focus, and visualise the end goal. Split into 5 sections:  Creating dreams and setting goals, Getting going on performance, Delivering Supreme performance, Handling disappointment, adversity and overcoming problems, Winning after winning, you can dip in and out of the book to look for the inspiration that you need, although I’d recommend reading it in one hit if you can to start with! The book takes you on a journey to thinking for success, allowing you to dream as big as you’d like (how often these days are we told that business success is not achievable due to the recession?), and provides great advice about mapping out your path to your business goals and dreams. One of the key things that I took from the book on the first reading, was that you need to concentrate on what you can control. It sounds obvious I know, but how often do we waste time and energy focussing on what we cannot control in business?  The book is realistic too, quiet times, adversity and problems are not only acknowledged, but practical advice is offered. My favourite chapter has to be “Delivering supreme performance” – not just great performance, but supreme performance, being the best that you can be! This book IS inspirational and motivational, but I really liked the HOW to get to where I want to be, and what I need to put in place to ensure that happens. For those of you in sales, how would you like Olympic results in 2012? Imagine the commission, the recognition and reward! For those of you running your own business, allow yourself to dream BIG!  What can you make your profit margins look like? What market share can you really achieve? What will success look like for you? So, will you think like an Olympian in 2012 for business success? Be sure to share by commenting below! If you’d like to purchase The Little Book of Inspiration by Steve Backley OBE, Roger Black MBE and Humphrey Walters, please visit]]>