Buying Facebook likes doesn’t bring you potential customers If you are buying likes rather than using Facebook Ads, you will not be buying potential customer likes.

The companies that sell likes are often overseas, and have no relevance to your target market.

Having more people on your page does not encourage more sales or interest in your products or services if they are not your target market.

Whilst we’d all like to believe that we can sell our products and services to everyone, it simply isn’t true. Consider who is more likely to buy your goods and services; are they male or female? Where are they based geographically? What are their hobbies and interests? What do they do for work?  Do they run their own businesses? Sharing posts that focus on your target market will bring you more page likes, more website traffic, and more interest in your products or services than buying likes ever will!

Buying Facebook likes doesn’t make your products/services better If you survey everyone on your Facebook page, I’m willing to bet that they didn’t like your page just because you had 1000’s of page likes. They would have liked your page as they know you, or their friends liked your page, or they like your products/services, have confidence in your abilities, and your products and services! You wouldn’t go and buy friends, so don’t fall into the trap of buying likes.

People who like what you do, and who want to read your posts and listen to what you say are FAR MORE LIKELY TO BUY FROM YOU than any purchased liker, and let’s face it, we’ve got our pages to win more customers or sell more of our products and services right?

Facebook ads are not the same as buying likes Buying likes away from Facebook does not bring you visitors to your page who will do business with you, however, Facebook Ads can work incredibly well (even on a small budget) if you know what you are doing, and get it right! If you don’t have enough money to run Facebook likes, don’t get sucked into buying them on eBay or away from Facebook, as it is just a waste of money, and you will lose your page eventually.

You know, that page of yours that you’ve spent ages on, building a community, getting to know the people on there. If you don’t have a budget, spend time visiting other pages, and networking with other page owners. Look for pages/groups that have the same target market as you, but are not in competition with you. Ie, if you make knitted items, network with someone who makes other craft items, ie embroidered items, or crocheted items.

If you build up enough of a relationship with people, you’ll find that they are happy to share your page with their page followers, and these are people who WILL be interested in what you do, as you will already have identified that they have the same target market. If you have a small budget for Facebook ads, don’t just boost the post that you want to get traffic to, as you won’t be targeting the people who are most likely to do business with you.

You’ll get a better response by going to Facebook Ads manager, and creating an ad to boost a post there, as you can be really specific with who you want to target, for example, you can choose the age range that the ad is shown to, the location, the gender, and then you can target people based on their interests. So in summary; Buying Facebook likes away from Facebook is a waste of money

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