Two more days until month end – have you achieved your Feb targets yet?   How has February been for you so far? Did you have a bumper Valentine’s Day? Have the half-term holidays helped to boost trade? We’ve got just two days to go until the end of February, have you achieved your target yet? What can we all do to make sure that we don’t give up on February this close to the end of the month? Here’s a few ideas to try to ensure that you’ve given February your best shot:

  • Do you have any deals in your pipeline that you can chase up to close? Review all of your pipeline, and see if there are any deals that you can turn into quick wins.
  • Are there any offers that you can use for the final few days of the month – are you ensuring that these deals are highly visible? Do you have any remaining stock left from Valentines that you can promote for Mother’s Day instead? Is your website/shop window/Facebook pageshouting your offers, with a call to action that shows that the offer finishes close of play on Monday? Ok, I don’t advocate using Facebook to spam your potential customers, but it’s OK to mention your special offers occasionally.
  • Do you need to provide anymore information to potential customer’s to ensure that they have all that they need to make their decision? Remember to explain the benefits to them, (it’s all about them, not about you) – so don’t talk features, talk about how the features will help them.
  • If you’re a part of a team, why not introduce a healthy competition for the final couple of days to encourage you all to raise your game, and ensure that you’re all focussed on doing everything that you can to achieve target.
If you have any other ideas to add that can help others to achieve their targets, please do add them by commenting below. I hope that this month has been a bumper one for you, and look forward to hearing about your successes and challenges. Caroline Thomas will help you to increase sales by providing sales and marketing strategies and social media marketing solutions  – to find out more or to book an appointment, please call 0844 556 5116 or email [email protected] – Caroline is also easily found on Twitter and FacebookCaroline on Google +  ]]>