Most often, people spend time tweeting, and updating Facebook for business without truly understanding what they want to achieve, other than more sales so is it time to set your social media strategy?

Social Media marketing can be slower at generating opportunities for you/your business, and if all you do is post pictures of your products, or put out calls to action, you’re soon going to find yourself silenced (without realising it) on social media.

We know that if we walk into a store where the sales assistants follows us around, and tries to sell us every item that we pick up, that we soon want to leave that store. The same principle happens on social media. If you’re finding that your posts are not reaching many people, or that you’re not getting a return from your social media marketing efforts, it’s worthwhile taking the time to create a social media strategy to ensure that you get the best results possible from the time that you invest into using it!

Your strategy should include identifying your target market (you can’t sell your products and services to everyone, even if you want to, as even if people are in the market to buy what you provide, you may not have the right colour, or be selling at the right price for them), the messages that you want to convey (no selling, people will unfollow or unlike your profiles), identifying the best social media sites for your target audience, consider the content that you should share and how best to measure how effective your activity is.

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