• Create a monthly social media marketing calendar, so that you know what to focus on each day. This helps you out when inspiration is running low (it happens to everyone at some point)
  • Set up google alerts for your key topics, so that you can share the latest news with your fans and followers. This is a great way to start conversations, and conversations can lead to opportunities. This is a big time saver, as you’ve already got content to share!
  • Use a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite to allow you to schedule posts at the key times when your target market are most active (test and measure this to see which posts get the most views!) Try to post to Facebook directly if at all possible, as they give third party apps such as Hootsuite less priority in the newsfeed, and therefore your followers/fans may miss exciting updates that you post!
  • Set time aside daily for your social media marketing – use a default diary, and check your accounts a couple of times per day (the absolute minimum amount of time you’ll need is half an hour, but spilt this across two sessions of 15 minutes if possible). This is much more effective than responding to each tweet/Facebook/LinkedIn post, as otherwise it becomes a time vacuum.
  • Be disciplined! The temptation to check out your own personal accounts, or have a chat online with your connections is hard to resist, but you must in order to get done what you need!
  • Spend more time on engagement, and less time on numerous posts that are “selling”. Don’t post updates just for the sake of it. Post things that are interesting and engaging, and then use your precious time to discuss and build rapport with your fans/followers. This is more effective, as in time, these fans and followers will become your referrals, and generate leads for you!
  • Don’t see social media marketing as a chore! Look at it that you’re engaging with potential customers and retaining existing customers. Be positive, and make time for it, and you will soon see the rewards of your time spent on social media marketing.

Of course, if you can’t make the time, or you don’t have the inclination to do social media marketing yourself, contact us about our social media marketing services.

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