Social media training offers you and your business many benefits:

  • Learn what to share so that you’re saying more than “come and buy from me!” It’s OK to ask your followers and fans to check out your latest offers, but you need to do more than that. Ask them questions, get to know them, build a community, so that your fans/followers are promoting your business for you – you then have a far greater reach, where you opportunities then become MUCH bigger!
  • Find out where your dream customer’s are hanging out on social media, so that you can find and engage with them, to develop opportunities
  • Discover how to attract followers and fans that want to know about your products and services, and how to get THEIR friends/family/connections engaged too
  • Get your social media profiles found easily, not just on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and YouTube but the SEARCH ENGINES too!
  • Learn “netiquette” – the do’s and don’ts of using social media for business
  • Get your business seen and heard by the widest possible target market!
  • Create a social media marketing plan that will work best for YOUR business to reach YOUR dream customer’s
There are different ways to do social media marketing training:
  • One to One training: Great for those of you that prefer to learn at your own pace, and make it ALL about your business
  • One to many training: Learn with other business owners at a central location that is near to you
  • In-house training: Perfect if you want 6 or more of your team to learn – this could be for fee earners, your marketing department, your fund raisers, your sales teams
If you’ve heard all about social media, and are wondering whether it can work for your business or want to find out how to book a social media training course, please contact us:  Tel: 0844 556 5116 Email: [email protected] Facebook: Sales Scene -Sales and marketing solutions Twitter: @salesscene Caroline on Google +  ]]>